Introduction to Quantum Techniques    

Welcome to my remote energy healing practice! I am offer energy teaching and healing sessions over the phone to people who want to balance their body’s energy and maximize the potential of their healing intelligence. I teach people QT, including how to remotely self test for toxins.  If you would like to give it a try, send an email at kris.hugie@gmail.com.

A Call to Adventure!

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Alternative Healing & Tutoring

I work over the phone with people who are looking for help with a health problems that are not healing.  I use the body’s healing energy system and healing intelligence to find the information that the body is needing in order to heal itself. Very often, a person who is experiencing a persistent health problem is unknowingly exposing themselves to toxins in their living environment. The most important part of this model of wellness is teaching people how to keep themselves in a calm and healing state.

Live self testing tutoring session with guide notes $110

Learn how to test yourself for energy reversal, as well as test your environment (foods, personal care products, bug bits) and also how to identify correct some basic blocks to testing.


The First Appointment

In the first appointment, I go over a quick but comprehensive energetic physical scan, I show the client how to energetically test themselves for energy reversal, as well as their environment for  frequencies that may challenge their health. As a result, the first appointment is typically the longest (it can be about an hour) and the subsequent appointments are usually 5-10 minutes.


I also work with people who are learning the basics of this work. This primarily includes, but is not limited to,  the fundamental skill of muscle testing for toxins.

What is my code?

After the first appointment, you will receive a sequence of letters called a code. Each letter corresponds with a point on the body. By reading your code, it reminds the body of everything we found during our session.

Frequent Structure of a Session 

After the first session, the client is aware of several foods and personal care products to avoid. After that, clients typically call for three reasons:

  1. They are wondering if a new food/care product will challenge their health
  2. They have a question about some element of QT energy work.
  3. They have accidentally ingested a food toxin. I will clear the toxin from their body/energetic field.

Both of these sessions can be completed in about 5-7 minutes.


*This model of energy healing works on pets as well*

Fee: $ 3.50/minute

For more information or to make an appointment send an email to kris.hugie@gmail.com or in the contact form below.

For more information about this model of energy healing, visit the Quantum Techniques website: https://www.quantumtechniques.com/

Note: I am not a medical doctor. I do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical or psychological condition. 

What Does QT help with?

Seasonal Allergies & Chronic Pain 

The most common issue QT is known for helping with is seasonal allergies and pain issues. Since both of these have a strong toxin component, the first thing that I do to address them is to teach people how to energetically test for things in their environment that that irritate these issues.  Once you learn how to self test, you can find replacements for the foods you are replacing.

Anxiety and Mood Issues

Just like with seasonal allergies, there is a significant toxin component with anxiety and mood issues. However, there is often also a non-physical component call spiritual attachments. Treating attachments can be a little more complicated by definitely worth learning if this is something you are working on.

Weight Loss

Obviously, toxin testing both the frequency and the amount of your foods is very important in managing weight loss. However, there two new energetic interventions that are very helpful for those who are working on managing their weight called Nurotherapy and an energetic Nuroplasticity treatment. Both of these are one time scans that take about 20 minutes. More on weight loss: https://wordpress.com/post/khalternativehealing.com/96

Sports Injuries

Hey everyone, Just wanted to talk about the scope of the utility of Quantum Techniques. In addition to identifying and clearing toxins that challenge people’s health, QT can be very effective in dealing with injuries. Over the past week, I noticed both of my elbows and shoulders were very sore after working out. I decided …

My Healing Journey-Migraines & Seasonal Allergies, Anxiety

What brought me to this work as a patient were frequent migraines and seasonal allergies so severe that I frequently missed work. Through working with my practitioner, I made the dietary changes necessary to eliminate the toxins that I was unknowingly and regularly ingesting. I also changed my personal care products that had a strong …


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